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The material that is used to create bulletproof glass is the same stuff which is used to produce shatterproof lenses for your glasses or sunglasses. It is just a typical plastic (called polycarbonate) — but it’s a very strong material.

As suggested by its name, bullet resistant glass can prevent bullets from penetrating the glass when fired at it. Bullet proof glass is produced from a transparent and strong material like polycarbonate lexan sheets. A layer of polycarbonate lexan sheets are sandwiched between two layers of glass. When a bullet is fired at the bullet proof glass, the bullet only manages to pierce the exterior layer of glass. The bullet is stopped by the very strong and protective layers of polycarbonate lexan sheets. The inside layer remains unaffected therefore the people on the other side of the bullet resistant glass are safe.

Polycarbonate Lexan Sheets

Polycarbonate lexan sheets are a kind of engineered plastic that, unlike glass or acrylic, is virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate lexan sheets are resistant to staining and weigh around six times less than the glass equivalent. Polycarbonate lexan sheets can be found in single or twin wall sheets, and they’re used very widely for roofing applications, particularly the twin wall variety, since this design offers very effective insulating applications. Polycarbonate lexan sheets tend to be used in constructing greenhouses because they can be made crystal clear to look just like glass, although with much more durability. Unlike glass, you do not have to panic about polycarbonate lexan sheets scratching, cracking, or shattering. They are a very good quality choice in plastic greenhouses.

Many people are aware of at least the idea of bulletproof and bullet resistant glass, however for many people these concepts play little role in our day to day lives. However, this powerful and potentially lifesaving technology is crucial in several locations, including some you may not happen to be aware of.

The use of bullet glass is not just limited to places of law enforcement, but also to a great many other places. Considering the current state of affairs, no place can be termed as safe. Even a house or a commercial establishment might be at risk.

Aside from the military, the authorities also have to have a protective covering in the form of bullet proof glass. One of the most effective solutions to employ the bullet proof glass is to use bullet proof windows inside police cars. Sudden attacks might be prevented by the use of bullet resistant windows.

The increasing volume of bank robberies has prompted banks to use bullet resistant glass. The dangers of a firearm could be minimized by using bullet proof glass in banks. The banks can use this type of protective glass for ensuring the safety of the workers.

Schools have also become targets of terrorist attacks and shootings. It is the duty of the school authorities to make sure that the children are adequately protected from such dangers. Bullet proof glass could be incorporated inside the school structure to infiltrate the bullets of a gunman.

Bullet proof glassware is being used in stores, movie theatres, filling stations, hotels and restaurants to ensure that owners and customers inside feel secure. A handful of homes are also using bullet resistant windows and glasses to get a very good night’s sleep. The volume of criminals breaking into houses has made even the home an unsafe place. One of the ways of feeling protected is to use bullet proof glass.

There are of course additional uses for bulletproof glass and bullet resistant technology, and as industry continues to grow and evolve, more uses are likely to be discovered too. Bulletproof and bullet resistant glass has the capacity to offer a level of protection that few other safety materials can match, and that’s definitely great news for everybody.


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